Rooted in social learning theory, Antoine's research at St Andrews was funded by the NIH, Leverhulme and the BBSRC, and in collaboration with Pr. Andrew Whiten.

Currently collaborating on social neuroscience research with Adam Anderson at Cornell.


July 2014

Took up faculty post at LeMoyne College, NY

The Companies

In 2009, Antoine joined the board of directors of TH Group, a family of businesses that trade in property development, construction & real estate services in Malta.


We use recyclable materials when possible and have adopted innovative techniques to reduce the amount of concrete and steel on our projects, reducing the carbon footprint and overall consumption of resources by at least 50%.


July 2014

Joined the Human Ecology group at Cornell University, NY

  • Social & Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Social Learning in Apes & Children
  • Cultural Transmission
  • Status & Directed Social Learning
  • Higherarchical Learning

At TH Group, we provide turnkey building services. We are your partner from concept design, through to completion, and we continue to provide quality guidance throughout the life of your asset, including its management and divestment.

We build fast, we are client oriented, keeping a constant eye on the production costs and we provide strategic solutions to difficult projects.

May 2013

Announced €14M Ewropa Business Centre


Antoine received a BS in Psychology from Woodbury University, an MSc in Research Methods from the University of Bristol & a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of St Andrews. In 2014 Antoine joined the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University and in 2015 he became active as a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.